Vallco Specific Plan Referendum Facts

The community-vetted Vallco Specific Plan is at risk!

A referendum drive is trying to thwart an exciting new vision for Vallco Mall that was recently approved by the Cupertino City Council and saw six years’ worth of input from residents and key stakeholders.

If the referendum succeeds and the Specific Plan is overturned, a different and much larger project under new State law SB 35 will be built. That project is nearly ready for construction and would have towers of up to 240 feet, more office space, and less space for housing seniors and moderate-income earners. It would also NOT include the roughly $280 million community benefit package that would go to the City of Cupertino, local schools and traffic improvement efforts.


If the referendum succeeds, residents can expect:

  • Construction of towers up to 240 foot tall (22 stories)
  • Loss of local control, State takeover of City planning process
  • 20% more office space, almost 2 million square feet
  • Loss of $140 Million in funding for traffic mitigation and improvements
  • Loss of $36 Million in facilities and funding for local schools
  • Loss of $110 Million for community amenities like a performing arts center and city hall/emergency response center
  • Even more Vallco ballot measures in upcoming elections— costing the city funds that can be better spent on public services
  • Over a thousand lower-income housing units, but none for seniors, the developmentally disabled, or moderate-income teachers, nurses or first responders

Decide for yourself and know that one way or another a new project will come to Vallco, the only question is: which one? A Referendum and other delay’s to the City’s plan only make it more likely that the larger State mandated plan will be built.

Get the facts for yourself before signing anything. Visit the City of Cupertino’s website for a thorough comparison of the Specific Plan and the SB 35 “Vallco Town Center” project.

Project Comparisons


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