The innovative foothills design provides an unprecedented 30-acre community park—3.8 miles of accessible walking and jogging trails, meadows, orchards and organic gardens, an iconic children’s play area and a refuge for native species of plants and birds. The shape of the rolling hills, preservation of existing trees and planting of new ones will provide a privacy buffer to adjacent residential neighborhoods.


With a mix of retail, entertainment, employment, housing, open space and community amenities, The Hills at Vallco aims to become the center of an emerging downtown for Cupertino. Complete with a destination Town Center square, performance venues, an amphitheater, and banquet and event spaces, The Hills at Vallco will be the new social heart of Cupertino. The project features a mix of new restaurants, stores and markets featuring local and organic food.


The Hills at Vallco is environmentally-conceived and will target LEED Platinum certification. Recycled water and rainwater capture will be used to irrigate the green roof and reduce water consumption. The sustainable park will feature native, drought-tolerant and climate responsive landscaping that thrives on little to no water. The green roof, natural ventilation and smart technology will ensure energy efficiency, keeping buildings and surroundings cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The Hills at Vallco was designed to preserve our environment and enhance our quality of life.


Measure D, the Vallco Town Center Specific Plan Initiative, is a ballot measure that would bring about The Hills at Vallco and spearhead the long overdue revitalization of Vallco Mall. Along with a complete redevelopment of Vallco, this proposed initiative includes the most robust package of community benefits ever granted to Cupertino.

The benefits have been written into Measure D which means that upon approval by Cupertino voters this November, these community benefits will become law and a legal mandate of the redevelopment, an obligation on any future developer.

The following benefits are guaranteed to the community should the initiative pass:

  • Community Park: 30-acre Community Park and Nature Area with 3.8 miles of accessible recreational trails and play areas for children;
  • Town Center: Vibrant Town Center and plazas, and multiple performance venues, including a rooftop amphitheater;
  • Event Space: Event space for non-profits and civic organizations, banquet hall and community center;
  • School Contributions: More than $50 million in benefits to Cupertino schools, including a state-of-the-art Innovation Center for local students located within The Hills at Vallco, and new annual tax revenues of $3 million to the Fremont Union High School District and $1.2 million to the Foothill-De Anza Community College District;
  • Roadway Improvements: Substantial contributions to a free community shuttle, an on-site transit center, $30 million towards I-280 improvements and $10s of millions of more dollars in local roadway improvements;
  • Sustainability Strategies: Sustainable resource management through rainwater collection, treatment and reuse, and irrigation by on-site recycled water;
  • Traffic Mitigation: Development of a comprehensive Transportation Management Plan, including a cap on drive-alone trips at approximately 50%;
  • Revenue to Cupertino: Substantial economic and fiscal benefits, including one-time tax revenues of more than $14 million and new, recurring tax revenues of over $5 million to the City of Cupertino; and approximately $20 million in new annual property tax revenue to support vital public services like local school districts, police, fire and libraries;
  • Housing: Up to 800 residential units that would include a 160 residential units specially reserved for seniors, as well as an additional $50 million contribution to building affordable housing in Cupertino;
  • Office Space: 2 million square feet of office space including 100,000 square feet dedicated to emerging technologies to support the local economy, a stable tax base and revenue to Cupertino.