Construction at Vallco


Demolition of Vallco Shopping Mall began in October 2018. Workers demolished parking structures as part of the first phase of a multi-month effort to dismantle portions of the mall property.  Demolition will prepare the site for future construction of an exciting town center project featuring shopping, housing, office, open space and entertainment uses. The next phase of demolition will include much of the mall on the west side of Wolfe Road, with demolition expected to begin in late winter 2019.

Typical demolition work hours are from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday, as permitted by the City of Cupertino. These 10-hour days are designed to minimize the total number of total days of demolition work and period of disruption to neighbors.

Sand Hill uses appropriate dust mitigation and other measures to limit construction-related impacts, and reuses or recycles materials as part of its ongoing commitment to earth-friendly practices that meet or exceed the City’s stringent environmental requirements.

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