Demolition at Vallco

Demolition of Vallco Shopping Mall has begun. Workers are demolishing parking structures as part of the first phase of a multi-month effort to dismantle portions of the mall property.  Demolition will prepare the site for future construction of an exciting town center project featuring shopping, housing, office, open space and entertainment uses.

Demolition work on two parking structures near the former Sears is scheduled to occur Monday-Friday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. as approved by the City of Cupertino. Demolition work on the northern garage will begin in about three weeks. Residents can expect parking structure demolition to last into December, followed by approximately 4-6 weeks for processing and off-haul of the rubble.

Workers are controlling dust by using firehoses to spray directly on the area of work to mitigate dust creation and migration.

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