Construction at Vallco


Sand Hill Property Company takes its responsibility to minimize the impacts of demolition and construction activity and to comply with the law very seriously. We adhere to stringent requirements and precautions imposed by State, County, and local regulations around demolition and construction and will continue to do so.

To keep you informed going forward, we plan to provide advance notice and regular updates of our demolition and construction activity. We model this plan per industry best practices and after the most successful outreach efforts we have observed by other local projects.

  • We ask that you sign up to our mailing list at; by doing this you will receive all of the information we will be putting out to the community.
  • We will also be posting updates on this website, so check in from time to time.
  • The City of Cupertino also hosts a lot of information about our project on their website too, including the volumes of environmental reports we have submitted (which reside toward the end of their Vallco Town Center/SB 35 FAQ).
  • Finally, for urgent situations, we have established a 24-hour hotline should anything arise and you feel the need to make quick and direct contact – that number is 408-659-2455.


Demolition of Vallco Shopping Mall began in October 2018, to prepare the site for future construction of an exciting town center project featuring shopping, housing, office, open space and entertainment uses.

Spring 2019 Construction Update
We have completed the demolition of the 156,000 s.f. garage near the former Sears. As part of our ongoing commitment to sustainability, recycling and reuse, we have crushed much of the concrete from the garage to be used in temporary construction roads on the site which will help roadway conditions surrounding the site. We’ve also recycled 190 tons of steel to date as well as lamp posts, rebar, and piping among other materials. This April, we received an exhaustive, 1,234-page report on the environmental condition of the Vallco site from WSP USA, a leading environmental construction and engineering management firm. The report gave the Vallco site a clean bill of health, confirms that the site is appropriate for residential use, and concludes that no further investigation or clean-up is necessary. To eliminate any remaining doubt, we asked the environmental consultant for the Apple Park project to conduct a peer review of these conclusions and they concurred with WSP’s findings. Copies of the full WSP report and the peer review are available here and here, respectively.

With the above information in hand, we are in position to begin the next demolition phase, which will focus on the remainder of the mall lying west of Wolfe Road. We hope to be issued that City permit soon.

Construction hours and contact information
Typical demolition work hours are from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday, as permitted by the City of Cupertino. These 10-hour days are designed to minimize the total number of total days of demolition work and period of disruption to neighbors.

Sand Hill uses appropriate dust mitigation and other measures to limit construction-related impacts, and reuses or recycles materials as part of its ongoing commitment to earth-friendly practices that meet or exceed the City’s stringent environmental requirements.