Specific Plan Process

The City of Cupertino is currently also in the process of developing a Specific Plan for Vallco. Due to the interference in the process and the threats of legal and ballot box challenges to any re-use of the dead mall, Sand Hill opted to simultaneously pursue entitlements under the SB 35 streamlined process to ensure a viable plan under any circumstances.

However, despite its SB 35-compliant project application, Sand Hill fully supports the city’s continued planning process for an alternative project. Sand Hill does not intend for its SB 35 application to upset the ongoing planning process.

Sand Hill hopes that the City process is successful in yielding a project that is derived from the community and addresses housing while also being viable. However, absent such an alternative, Vallco Town Center offers a viable, housing-focused plan for the dead mall and will allow to get started on a feasible project with a reasonable schedule of completion.

The Vallco Specific Plan process and the SB 35 project application process will run concurrently.

For more information about the ongoing Vallco Specific Plan process, visit the dedicated website, created by the lead consultant for this City-led process.

Key milestone in the Vallco Specific Plan process are:

Vallco Specific Plan process
Led by the City of Cupertino
✓ February 5-6, 2018 – Project Kick-off and Interviews

✓ March 13, 2018 – Existing Conditions & Guiding Principles Meeting

✓ April 9-13, 2018 – Design Charrette 1: the community can visit the open studio of the city’s consultant to develop alternative concepts

May 21-25, 2018 – Design Charrette 2: the community can visit the open studio of the city’s consultant to develop the preferred plan

June-October 2018 – Draft Specific Plan

October-November 2018 – Final Specific Plan
  • Planning Commission review/approval
  • City Council review/approval
More information on envisionvallco.org