Here’s your chance to weigh in as we refine key elements of the neighborhood.


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11/5/21: Vallco survey – share your thoughts on retail, dining and entertainment

Dear Neighbors,

Thank you for your continued engagement and interest in the reimagination and future of Vallco. Today, I’m excited to be in touch with you as we move forward with this once-in-a-generation development destined to be the place where culture, nature and community come together in Cupertino.

To achieve this vision, we believe “the place” has to be about the people, not just about the architecture or the real estate. This development should always reflect the values and personalities of its broader community, and our strategy for place-making depends on getting that right. We want to hear from you, our neighbors, in order to plan for the future of Cupertino together.

To kick this off, we’re introducing a series of brief surveys so that you can share what you’d like to see as it relates to various programming, including retail, dining and entertainment, public events, parks and playgrounds, pedestrian paths and trail networks, and beyond.

The first survey, which is linked below, focuses on Retail, Dining and Entertainment. Before clicking through to the survey, read our vision for Vallco’s “retail” experience below. You may also visit us at and complete the surveys at your convenience.

Thank you for your continued interest and participation,

Reed Moulds, Managing Director
Sand Hill Property Company

Our vision for retail, dining & entertainment

Vallco’s new city center is destined to become the country’s most unique and innovative retail destination, thoughtfully composed of distinct districts that create a balance of verdant serenity and urban energy. It will be an experiential place that is both sophisticated and casual; familiar and cutting edge. A place to enjoy the outdoors, catch up with friends and family, explore new offerings and ideas, and live life exceptionally.

We envision the retail experience as the connective tissue for the development. From street-level shops along Wolfe Rd. to happy-hour cocktails on the plaza to yoga on the rooftop, every store, restaurant and entertainment offering will present a unique experience to enjoy and a new reason to return.

An eclectic array of restaurants and culinary experiences will suit every taste and occasion. Shopping will become an experience to be explored and shared, with a highly curated mix of artisan, boutique, and state-of-the-art offerings with a mix of some ofthe world’s top socially conscious brands, showcasing products that serve our everyday needs and surround us with beauty. New fitness offerings will invigorate both body and soul, complemented and extended by the network of outdoor trails and open-air plaza activities.

At its core, the idea is to build upon Cupertino’s well-earned reputation as a gravitational attractor of innovation and to define this new social heart of Silicon Valley by the community it serves.

The residents of Cupertino will see themselves – past, present, and future – reflected in the retail, restaurant, and entertainment offerings that will make up the fabric of their new town center. It’s an ambitious effort, and we want to thank you in advance for sharing your thoughts with us. We look forward to fulfilling the vision, together. Take our retail, dining and entertainment survey here.